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Free Hijri Date Converter for Your Blog/Website

Free Hijri Date Converter for Your Blog/Website

The Hijri Calendar Converter Widget
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Player 7 or higher.

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What is your birthday in islamic date?

When will Ramadan start this year?

When are the 'days of full moon' or Yaum-ul-Bidh?

Those are several questions that could be answered by this islamic date calendar converter. Use the widget at left to convert the date from Christian (or Gregorian) to Islamic Hijri Era. Use this beautiful and stylish widget to find out the islamic date in the past and future, when will the Ramadan or the hajj starts this year, when the days of full moon (yaum al bidh) are - on which days muslims are encouraged to fast each lunar month - and so on. The conversion to islamic or hijri date will be done automatically when you click the date on the calendar.

Just click the date on the displayed christian era calendar and the corresponding hijri date will be calculated and displayed on top part of the flash widget.

The calculated hijri date is based on the Ummul Qura Calendar System of Saudi Arabia.

[ Please note: Only works within 1937 - 2077 CE ]

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